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Office Cleaning vs. Commercial Cleaning: Here are the Obvious Differences

Office Cleaning vs. Commercial Cleaning

  By Balaji Deep Cleaning


The importance of maintaining a clean workplace is widely acknowledged. Post-pandemic, residents, business owners, and office bearers in Gurgaon have focused on maintaining the cleanliness of their premises. Many proactive organizations frequently perform deep cleaning of their workstations. However, with a variety of cleaning services available, customers often find it challenging to choose the appropriate service.

In this blog, you will discover the substantial differences between office and commercial cleaning services. With a clear understanding, you can confidently select the right office deep cleaning company in Gurgaon.

What is Office Cleaning?

Office cleaning concentrates on maintaining a clean, healthy, and dust-free environment within the office premises. This service aims to create a workspace that is hygienically clean and conducive to productivity. Cleaning services in Gurgaon generally covers tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping and disinfecting surfaces. Professional cleaning companies carry out these tasks during non-working hours to avoid disrupting regular business operations.

Significant tasks included in office cleaning services are:

●    Vacuuming floors, sofas, curtains, and carpets
●    Emptying trash cans and recycling bins
●    Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and corners such as desks, tables, and countertops
●    Dusting hidden places such as window sills, ledges, and blinds
●    Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms
●    Cleaning kitchen, pantry, and break room areas, including sinks, countertops, and appliances

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services are designed to meet the specific needs of corporate houses, businesses, shopping complexes, hotels, warehouses, and institutions. The scope of these services is broader than basic office deep cleaning services.

Common tasks included in commercial cleaning services are:

●    Basic office cleaning
●    Deep cleaning of duct areas, carpet cleaning, and window washing, exhaust fans, chimney
●    Deep sanitization
●    Deep cleaning of industrial equipment and machinery
●    Safe disposal of hazardous materials
●    Cleaning of server rooms

The Key Differences between Office Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning

Here are the primary distinctions between office deep cleaning and commercial deep cleaning services:

●    Scope: The scope of commercial deep cleaning services is wider than that of standard office deep cleaning services. For instance, commercial cleaning services cover farm house cleaning, warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning etc.
●    Approach: Office deep cleaning focuses on a clean workplace, whereas commercial deep cleaning addresses the entire corporate premises, including machines and equipment.
●    Expertise: Commercial deep cleaning staff are trained to deep clean machinery and equipment as well.
●    Planning: Commercial deep cleaning service plans depend on the nature of the business. Conversely, office deep cleaning service plans are not as intricate as those for commercial cleaning.

We hope the above information will be useful to you. 

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